A few comments from people who have used this system:

“I’ll admit I was skeptical. But after using this technique, I can truly say that it’s like the sky opened up and started raining money. It’s fun playing poker on the Internet for once.”
 -- S.W., California

“This is the greatest thing I ever seen. I spent months studying poker books and reading about different playing methods to win. I did okay but never enough to really make any difference. Now I’m rolling in dough. If this keeps up I’ll be able to retire 20 years early.”
 -- K.F., Florida

“You made me a believer with this. It’s like I hit the lottery. You are a genius to get this whole thing figured out and perfected. This is easily worth thousands of dollars if someone would use it and put it into action. For once in my life, I’m sitting pretty.”
 -- P.V. Ohio

“It doesn’t feel like cheating. I've always liked playing poker but could never afford the high stakes. Now I can. I’ll be playing in the next WSOP in Las Vegas. Now I can afford it.”
 -- B.L. Massachusetts

“I figure if anybody is cheating online, and they are, it should be me too. There’s a lot of things out there like poker-bots and programs, but this is technologically unbeatable. It’s the best, and I’m using it. Thank you for the glorious gift of freedom.”
 -- B.G., California

“Your instruction book is so detailed and exact. You really do spell it all out step by step so that any idiot can do it. You explain it down to the last minor aspect. You leave no room for error. After I got it all set up, it’s just sit back and watch the money come pouring in.”
 -- S.C., Kansas

“I would say to everyone to forget what you already think you know about the online poker business. If you haven’t experienced this system, you don't know squat. This is the most eye-opening poker information I’ve ever encountered. The best.”
 -- N.S., Nevada

“Been using this for the past three weeks. I’m getting the hang of it. I’m up about $9,000 so far and I know this is only the beginning.”
 -- R.C.W., California

“I told my brother about this. He scoffed. He said it’s bad karma and it won’t work anyway. After I showed him my bank account, he changed his tune. Now you can’t keep him away from his computer. His girlfriend is mad at him for it, she doesn’t know what he’s doing.”
 -- B., Oregon

“When I read your ad, I thought no way this could be as you say. But it is everything you say it is and even more than that. The specific detail you give is staggering. You thought of everything. I didn’t even have to think about anything, just do it and collect my payouts from the poker companies.”
 -- P.C., Tennessee

“Thank you, Mr. White. I owe you the world. Before I took up using your techniques, I was nearly ready to go bankrupt and get divorced by my lovely wife of 28 years. Everyone wonders what's come over me and how I turned my life around. I smile.”
 -- K.S., Canada

“And I thought I was rich and successful because I was making 50,000 dollars a year. Try 50,000 a month!”
 -- M., Arizona

“Because of your system I was able to buy my fiance the diamond ring she deserves. If this keeps up I'll be able to buy the house we both deserve.”
 -- J. W., California

“I order many books off the Internet. They are all 20 or 30 pages of fluff. Yours is over 120 pages dense with information. Great information too. Very refreshing.”
 -- B.E., Arkansas

“I commend you and your company for your well-backed policy, honesty, and integrity. Feel free to quote me on that.”
 -- J.W.M., Texas

“I have no intention of using your system, but now I understand what's been happening to me while playing online. Ironically, the money I spent on your book will save me money because I will no longer play poker online. It's the best money I ever spent. You should add that to your advertisement 'Learn how to make money or save money' because your product accomplishes both. Thank you for putting the information out there.”
 -- L.T., France