Read the following sentence carefully:
ďThere exists a way to cheat when you play poker online so you always
know the hole cards of the majority of hands at the table.Ē

Do you grasp the magnitude of the above sentence? Yes, you can sit at an online poker table and know with certainty the cards held in several hands! What this means is profound. It means you can consistently WIN, adding a steady flow of funds to your bankroll.

MAKE $10,000 TO $84,000 PER MONTH!

These figures are not an exaggeration. Using this system, you can
 make anywhere from $10,000 to $84,000 (or more) every month.

This is it! This is what youíve been wishing and hoping for!

Compare these two hypothetical computer screens:


(Click either picture to see a larger size.)


The screen on the left is what you are accustomed to seeing when you play online poker. The screen on the right illustrates what it feels like to cheat using this system. Notice that cards are visible. That is the feeling of playing poker with this cheating system!

The first time you do this, you will hardly believe your eyes. You will need to get used to having so much control over the game. You will feel like a child in a candy store with a blank check. Winning is easy when you know the hole cards and control the betting of the hands. Ask yourself: How much money do you suppose you could win if you were essentially viewing a computer screen like the one on the right?


The only question is: Do you want to be one of them?


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Timmor L. White. I am a middle-aged man, with an education in software and technology. Until recently, I was earning a six-figure income in the Internet and communications industries. Then, without warning, I was let go. Thatís when I started playing online poker... and losing! Lose, lose, lose... you know the feeling? No matter what I tried, I could not come out ahead... until I uncovered this way to cheat. Now, I have perfected it, and I am willing to reveal it to you. I will explain, in full detail, everything you need to know so you can cheat and generate huge amounts of cash!


I will not give vague instructions that leave you hanging in the air and wondering what to do next. I will present complete and specific details on exactly what to do and how to begin. And you can start immediately!




Are you tired of struggling, hour after hour, trying to play solid poker and grind out a profit? Are you fed up with studying poker strategy, concentrating on every hand and playing well, only to see your entire bankroll slip away with a single bad beat? If, instead, you want to join a tiny percentage of players who know how to cheat by taking advantage of Internet technology, then here is your chance.

When you cheat with this system, you do not need to rely on skill, and you do not need to be lucky. This system of cheating is far more reliable than skill or luck.




I need to say something about the concept of cheating. Throughout this text, I use the word cheat. I considered using other words, like manipulate, scam, or even swindle. But the word cheat is most accurate, most descriptive of what this system is. I do not shy away from this word. I intend to tell it like it is. To put it bluntly, the information I have for you instructs you in how to cheat.

Maybe you think that sounds cool... sounds intriguing or attractive. Well, hold on. Not so fast. The fact is: Cheating is not for everyone. Before you obtain this system to cheat, you should ask yourself some hard questions.

I prepared a little quiz for you. Answer these three questions:

1) You are seated in a real-live poker game. The guy to your left unknowingly
    holds his cards in such a way that you are able to see them. Do you:

A. Tell him so he can correct the problem and not let it happen again.
    After all, thatís common courtesy, and itís the right thing to do.
B. Keep this information to yourself and use it to your advantage. You
    hope no one ever notices that you can see an opponent's cards.

2) You are playing in a casino. While dealing a hand, the dealer inadvertently
    flashes one of the cards and you see it. No one else notices. Do you:

A. Announce to the table that you saw one of the cards being dealt.
    Everyone at the table is also entitled to know what that card is.
B. Keep quiet. You hope the opponent receiving that card stays in the
    hand so you will know one of his hole cards and have an advantage.

3) You are in a friendly home game. While a player is shuffling the cards, you
    happen to notice the card that ends up at the bottom of the deck. Do you:

A. Ask him to shuffle some more. You inform everyone that you caught
    a glimpse of the bottom card. They appreciate your honesty.
B. Keep your big mouth shut. During that hand, that card will be out of
    play. Knowing that fact gives you an advantage, which youíll take.

How did you do? If you answered these three questions with Choice 'A', then this information is not for you. You are a great person, an honest and ethical human being, and I would want you for a trusted friend, but I do not want to give you this cheating system. Please leave this website right now, and do not come back.

However, if you answered these questions with Choice 'B', then you have what it takes to cheat. Your mental makeup is such that you are capable of using what I have to give you. To you, I make this cheating system available.

The question is:
Are you a person who is capable of cheating?

If not, then do not obtain this system. It will do you no good.

In the above quiz, notice that every Choice 'A' answer is what you SHOULD do. If you are playing poker and you see an opponent's cards, you are ďsupposedĒ to say so. That is an implicit rule of fair play. And many players would do exactly that. However, if you are a person who would NOT, then hey... I have something that is right down your alley!


I will not conduct an ethics class and discuss right and wrong. The issue is simple: If you feel that cheating is morally unacceptable, then donít cheat. This system is not for you. Go away. If, however, you are willing to do whatever it takes -- even cheat -- to gain an advantage and defeat your opponents, then youíve come to the right place.

I am informing you that this system of cheating is possible, and
I can instruct you in how to do it. The decision to cheat or
not rests entirely with you, based on your free will.




The answer is a resounding YES!  

The truth is, this system of Internet cheating is 100% LEGAL. Using it cannot possibly lead to any legal consequences of any sort. I refuse to break the law, and I refuse to encourage anyone else to break the law. This system is no more illegal than spotting an opponent's cards and not telling him. That is unethical, but it is in no way illegal.

Make no mistake about it, this way to cheat is against the
rules of online poker websites. But it is
NOT illegal.

What are your chances of getting caught? If you follow my instructions exactly as I say, your actions will be impossible to detect. No matter what poker software you use, you will remain undiscovered. While it is true that poker sites do not want you doing this, you can do it without them knowing. Even if you do not do things as I instruct and you somehow get found out, the poker site will merely warn you that you are violating their rules. The worst they could do is close your account... which means you would need to open a new one. But donít worry... if you do as I say, no one will be the wiser.

Where can I use this cheating system?

This system works regardless of which Internet poker websites or software you use or which tables you sit at. For example, you can play at the following sites:

Party Poker, Pacific Poker, Poker Stars, Titan Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker, CD Poker, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Planet Poker, Empire Poker, One Internet Poker, Noble Poker and many others.

It works regardless of the game played:

Hold 'em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, Draw, Razz, Hi/Lo or any other game.

And it works regardless of the stakes, the limits or the blind structure:

low stakes, high stakes, limit, pot-limit, no-limit or any other structure.


Click here to see comments from those whoíve used this system.


A few things this system is NOT:

  • It is not a method of calling a friend on the phone and getting him to go online and sit at the same poker table as you. That is called collusion. It is far more difficult to pull off successfully than people realize, and it rarely nets a profit for those involved. This system, on the other hand, requires no accomplices. You act alone. No one needs to know you are doing this, unless you tell them.

  • It is not a poker-playing ďbot.Ē Nowadays, you can buy a software program that plays poker on its own. The theory is that you turn it loose, and it plays perfect poker, making you a profit over time. Not one person who buys these things is happy with them. They cost $300 or more, and they rarely recoup that cost. Plus, they are easy to detect and full of problems.

  • It is not a hand-tracker. These software devices keep track of all cards that are visible every hand and then attempt to predict what cards will be dealt in the future. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, doesnít it? Players who have used hand-trackers say they've lost a lot of money trusting them. Some people claim they can guess upcoming cards better than these silly things.

  • It is not a random-number buster. These software programs try to detect the random-number seed that is used to shuffle the cards. They then attempt to determine the order that cards will be dealt. Many years ago, one of these programs worked at Planet Poker, but Planet Poker fixed the problem. Now, Internet poker sites prevent their random-number generator from being busted, so these software programs do not work.

  • It is not a software helper program. It does not display odds or hand histories. Software products like these can help a little with improving your game, but they cannot turn a loser into a winner. And they are a far cry from anything that could remotely be called cheating, as they are sometimes advertised.

  • It is not a poker-strategy book. There are plenty of these around. Bookstores are full of them. Most players online already know this stuff anyway. Play a tight-aggressive game; play according to position; play only solid starting hands, etc. Weíve heard it all. Itís useful advice, but thatís all it is.

This online cheating system is none of these things.
It is a way to cheat you will find nowhere else.

So... what is this online poker cheating system?

In a nutshell: It is a system of cheating designed for online poker that takes advantage of covert Internet technology. Using this system, you are able to see the hole cards of the majority of hands at your table. In addition to that, you are able to control the actions of those hands. This means you control the betting and, to a large extent, the outcome of the game.

Does this sound like an unfair advantage? Does this sound like things are rigged? Does this sound like the situation at your poker table is such that you ought to be able to win?

If you like how this sounds, then get this system
right away... and start using it.


This is a limited-time and limited-quantity offer. This item will NOT be available for long. By its very nature, this system requires that only an extremely small percentage of the online community be aware of it. New access to this information must be limited.

If you are reading this right now, then this system is available at this moment. But thatís all I can say for sure.

What this means is, if you are thinking of getting this system to cheat, do it now. Do not put it off. Get it while you are right here now and this matter is fresh in your mind. If you wait too long, the chance will be gone, and you will have blown it.


Letís cut through the crap. I wonít insult your intelligence with a bunch of fancy sales talk, trying to convince you to buy this system. I donít need to. Truth is, I am perfectly okay with you NOT buying it. Why am I making this cheat available? Because I want a tiny percentage of courageous players to be able to beat the technology. But not many! For obvious reasons, I do NOT want too many people to have this. I will not talk you into getting this if it is not right for you. I leave the matter in your hands. You decide.

Notice there is no form on this page for you to fill in your e-mail address so I can send you reminders pestering you to order. There will never be any follow-up of any sort. (And I donít want to know who you are.) I value your privacy, and I respect your right to decide for yourself what you should do. Either you recognize this as the incredible treasure that it is, or you donít. Either way is fine with me.


I must emphasize this point: I want only serious players to have this way to cheat. I do not want people getting it who have a casual interest or are simply curious. I want this to go to the right people, people who will appreciate it, people who deserve it!

Does that describe you? If not, please leave this website right now and don't come back. If you are less than serious about playing online poker, and you want to dabble in this only out of a sense of curiosity, please... do not obtain this cheating system. It is intended for those who are capable of understanding its power.

How to cheat at online poker: At the most basic level, when a person playing online poker cheats, he or she is using some method of manipulating the rules of fair play in order to create an unfair advantage. The result is inflated winnings.

$10,000 to $84,000 per month!

Using this system of cheating, you can make between $10,000 and $84,000 (or more) every month. Those are hefty monetary figures.

And you risk nothing to try it!

You assume no risk when you obtain this cheating system. It comes with a complete, iron-clad money-back guarantee. You cannot lose.



Put this system to the test anytime within the next thirty days. If the Ultimate Online Poker Cheating System is not everything I say, if you are dissatisfied in any way with the results you obtain, if you fail to make at least $10,000 a month using this system, I will promptly give you 100% of your money back. The essence of this agreement is: I guarantee your complete satisfaction!

How can you beat that? Either you make AT LEAST $10,000
in the next month, or you get your original money back!



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-- Inexpensive and convenient transaction

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And if you act now, you will also receive, at no additional cost,
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